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What is SEPA Paraguay?
The Procurement Plan Execution System (SEPA Paraguay) affords access to basic data on all contracts for works, goods, and services that implement projects funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Paraguay. These contracts are presented in the format of Procurement Plans, which is the instrument used by project entities and the IDB to plan procurement in a project during a period of 12 to 18 months. This information makes it possible to know the plans for each project, the status of execution of the plan, and specific details for each contract financed under the project.

Why SEPA Paraguay?
SEPA Paraguay is in the framework of a Fiduciary Action Plan developed jointly by the Government of Paraguay and the IDB, one objective of which is to promote public awareness of the execution of projects financed by the IDB in the country. Although in the past some of this information has been available to potential bidders, SEPA Paraguay expects that greater information will facilitate the participation of civil society in the monitoring and evaluation of the portfolio financed by the Bank. The specific ways in which this enhanced participation will be exercised are left to the initiative of the various civil society organizations. SEPA Paraguay enables communities that are potential beneficiaries of Bank projects to have effective oversight of the progress of the contracts intended to benefit them. Moreover, SEPA Paraguay will enable NGOs that wish to monitor government spending to do a systematic analysis of the implementation of the plans and the efficiency of the execution of the programs

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